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Hardly, Strictly Musky

the southern classic

Hardly, Strictly Musky

May 14-16, 2022

Well Guys and Gals, it’s been quite the year! Here at the HSM compound we have been busy looking at the situation in hopes of making 2021 work. Unfortunately, it's with a heavy heart that we have to inform you we will be postponing one more year. We believe that with the uncertain state of affairs and more so logistics required to stage the event that it’s in the best interest of HSM to postpone until 2022.


We will be refunding the entry fees for anyone that rolled them over from 2020 in hopes of 2021. Please keep an eye out for an email about your refunds if you rolled your entry over. If you rolled over and did not receive an email please feel free to reach out at


We would like to take is opportunity to thank all of our anglers and sponsors for their patience and support. All of you are the reason HSM nonprofit exists to supports the fish and fisheries we love.


Keep an eye on social media for more updates.


See y'all in 2022,

HSM Crew

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