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Welcome to Hardly Strictly Musky 2019

It's opening day for Hardly Strictly Musky 2019 but the place has really been hopping since Monday when anglers traditionally start to show up. One of the Midwest teams hit town earlier this week as well as one of the groups from New England. We have anglers from Montana and California arriving this morning along with the usual suspects from the Upper Midwest, Pennsylvania and all across the Southeast.

While the weather will certainly be a factor, it's shaping up for what could be a banner year. The area has experienced record rains for well over a year now and most of the Winter has seen the rivers blown out and unfishable - this has resulted in a lot of fish that haven't seen an angler in quite a while. Fishing has been great the past few weeks to say the least. The forecast is for off and on rain but not a blow out. Maybe.

The crew at the Foglight is busy getting ready for our anglers this evening ad I hear that there are a couple of pigs in ground across town - should be a great weekend. Welcome to all of you and we'll see you tonight at 630 for the anglers meeting.

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