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A. General


  1. Catch and release only.

  2. Only registered anglers may be in boats. No “ride alongs” are permitted other than officially sanctioned press or observers who have been pre-approved by the tournament.

  3. Anglers may not fish closer than 100 feet of any other boat or shore angler including any non-tournament anglers they may encounter.

  4. All laws of the State of Tennessee must be followed. Tennessee fishing regulations can be found online at 

  5. All anglers must possess a valid Tennessee fishing license. Tennessee license may be obtained online at

  6. Trolling is not permitted.

  7. Chumming is not permitted

  8. This is a conservation focused event. Safe fish handling is of the upmost importance.  HAVE A FISH HANDLING AND PHOTO PLAN!

  9. All decisions of the tournament director are final.

  10. Wading is permitted

  11. Team make up cannot be altered after sign in.

  12. Teams may be made up of 2 or 3 anglers per boat. Kayak anglers should fish in pairs or trios to assist in safe fish handling.

  13. Overflow parking on roadsides is not permitted and rigs will be towed by the respective county sheriff’s departments. If a ramp parking lot is full, you must use an alternative ramp.


B. In Bound Waters

  1.  Featured waters will be the Caney Fork River System beginning at

  2. Sligo Bridge on Center Hill Lake, upriver to the source of the Caney Fork including each of it’s tributaries (Collins, Rocky, CalfKiller, Barren, etc) and their tributaries to their individual sources.

  3. Special “Bonus Water” for 2018 will be the Clinch River and it’s tributaries from confluence with the Tennessee River upriver. Please note that competitors who choose to fish this bonus water must be present at sign in on Thursday night or late arrival sign in on and return to designated sign ins in McMinnville each night.  Tournament officials may be present at the Clinch. 

C. Equipment


  1. Fly fishing gear only. This means commercially available rods, reels, fly lines and leaders.

  2. Wire bite tippet is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

  3. No conventional gear, spinning gear or lures may be present on any boat, even if it is not used.

  4. Tournament officials will spot check equipment throughout the event in all locations.  

  5. Fish may only be gently lifted horizontally using great care to support their midsections.

  6. Boga Grips and similar devices that lift the fish buy their jaws are prohibited.

D. Scoring

  1. Each team must provide their own digital camera and have the ability to share those pictures with the tournament director. High quality phone cameras are preferred.  

  2. It is the responsibility of the competitor to clearly demonstrate the fish’s length, without doubt, through clear photography using the reference provided.  Unclear photos may not be scored or have the score reduced to a point that is clearly demonstrated.

  3. Each team will provide a measuring device. Large tape measures are sufficient.

  4. Fish will be measured to the last full inch from the tip of the nose which is clearly against the measuring device to the end of the tail.  Fractions of an inch will be reviewed and judged by the Tournament Director only in the event of a tie.

  5. Scoring

    1. Under 25” =0 Points

    2. 25” -35” = 10 points

    3. 36"-40" = 20 points

    4. 41"-46" = 40 points

    5. 47"-51" = 125 points

    6. 52” + = 250 Points

  6. ​No points will be awarded for dead or injured fish.

  7. Overall championship is awarded to the team scoring the most points.  The Big Fish Award goes to the individual with the longest verifiable fish.

  8. Catches must be reported by  texting the tournament director at 931-224-8181. Reported catch time will be used to break any ties if length is also tied. Catch call in numbers will be provided at angler orientation.

  9. All anglers must check in Friday and Saturday nights at Collins River BBQ, Main Street, McMinnville, TN by NO LATER THAN 7:00 PM. THIS MEANS ANGLERS MUST BE IN THE BUILDING BY THIS TIME. TEAMS WHO DO NOT CHECK IN BY 7:00 PM WILL RECEIVE NO SCORE FOR THE DAY – NO EXCEPTIONS. Please allow ample time to ensure that you are scored.

E. Our Traditional “Special Rule”


  1. Unsportsman like conduct and general negativity do not fit in with our anglers – DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE.

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