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HOLY SMOKES! HSM Registration is Nearly Full!

Hey Folks - it's hard to believe but registration for HSM 2020 is incredibly close to approaching full just 4 days in! Now may be a good to to explain how this all works;

Somewhere deep inside HSM World Headquarters, a crack administrative team (ok, actually a bunch of cranky old guys who wear wide ties with short sleeve shirts and smell like cigarettes and scotch) will be hard at work sending out invoices to the anglers who have registered. Those anglers have 72 hours to complete their registration once they have received their invoice. Now - this process is volunteer driven (we have zero budget for said cranky old guys and are strictly at their mercy) and may take a few days to complete so, don't be concerned if you have registered but have not seen an invoice yet. Trust us - they're coming.

If you register after the field has exceeded the cap, you will automatically go on to a waiting list. No, really, we have a dude who is smart enough to make that happen. Seriously. If any angler does not complete their registration within 72 hours, that slot will go to the next person on the list - anglers on the waiting list wont have to do anything, they will simply receive an invoice by email and have 72 hours to complete it. If you would like to attend, please get your registration in at

Again, we do limit the field to provide the best experience possible. We sincerely appreciate everyone who is interested in HSM and look forward to seeing you all.

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